Diabolic Cartography relaunches with a new site

Been a long time since the last update so i figured it was time to fix up this site.

Right away we have to new dt1 plugins by Eimernase. For more details check the readme files in the downloads or visit this topic at the phrozen keep

Eimernase graveyard dt1

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Hello and welcome to yet another update of the Diabolic Cartograhy!

The last update was from two months ago, but people simply won't quit submitting plugins, so the site keeps growing, even if most of the time it's updated with one plugin only.

This time it's SheX's turn to step forward and provide us with material for an update. Thanks, SheX. He submitted his recolored pack of Act 1 tilesets to make the levels look better.

See you next time!

New plugins:



Hello people!

Another plugin was submitted and added to the ever-growing Diabolic Cartography database. Just like last time, Cubaholic is once again keeping the site moving. This time he sent me a Duriel's Lair plugin which greatly increases the size of the level and adds lots of surprises on the way.

As usual, I'm expecting your submissions on my e-mail address, which you can find on the Contacts page.

See you!

New plugins:



Hi again.

After more than 3 months without update, there is finally something new on Diabolic Cartography. This time it's Cubaholic who released a new map plugin and provided it for the site. It's a Catacombs Level 4 plugin, which turns the small level into a huge maze.

Let's all hope that we'll have more submissions coming in the future, and more regulary.

See you next time!

New plugins:



archived news 2


Hi everyone.Another single-plugin update for Diabolic Cartography and the site is continuing to grow slowly, but steadily.This week's submission comes from Frio and this is one of the best quality plugins that I've seen lately. Frio reworked Duriel's Lair to a point where it isn't that boring little chamber anymore. Instead, it's a big maze with teleport pads, dead ends, monsters and chest to hunt for. Thanks, Frio.Until next time!New plugins:



Hello.Another update for the site, but this time it's only one plugin. Deha_007 added a small additional area to Act 1 Tristram and he placed a few surprises in there. Check the plugin out.Let's hope for more next time!New plugins:



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