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Diabolic Cartography hosts map plugins for diablo 2 and diablo II lord of destruction, The plugins can be used in public mods but please dont forget to give the plugin creator credits.  Diabolic Cartography is a part of The Phrozen Keeps diablo2 modmaking community.

A blast from the past, this plugin brings back the original Diablo Tristram into Diablo 2. Of course, to keep the storyline going, it's still a burned down Tristram and all the NPCs except Cain and Griswold are dead. There is fire and dead bodies everywhere, the monsters are walking freely in the town and it isn't as safe as it used to be in Diablo.

The plugin now features an automap thanks to Truemage!


  • completely new tileset from Diablo


Creator: onyx & TrueMage
Size: 5659 KB