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Diabolic Cartography hosts map plugins for diablo 2 and diablo II lord of destruction, The plugins can be used in public mods but please dont forget to give the plugin creator credits.  Diabolic Cartography is a part of The Phrozen Keeps diablo2 modmaking community.

This map plug-in by Deathfile increases the Duriel Chamber and adds some nice details to it. Mummy Sarcophags, Fire Towers and Lightning Spires will make your life harder when you face the Lord of Pain, but at least you've got more space to move around (that is, if you can escape Duriel's cold aura :). After defeating the big bug, you can follow a narrow passage to Tyreal and a bunch of treasure chests. An optional waypoint can easily be enabled by tweaking levels.txt.


  • larger Duriel Tomb
  • some mummy sarcophags, fire towers and lightning spires near the place where you fight Duriel
  • two shrines
  • several golden chests as a reward for defeating Duriel
  • optional waypoint


Creator: deathfile
Size: 14 KB