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Diabolic Cartography hosts map plugins for diablo 2 and diablo II lord of destruction, The plugins can be used in public mods but please dont forget to give the plugin creator credits.  Diabolic Cartography is a part of The Phrozen Keeps diablo2 modmaking community.

Being bored by the same old Lut Gholein layout? Right you are, here´s a brand-new and rearranged town for act2 by Caela. Several buildings have been moved and all crucial NPCs are gathered around the center area with your chest. Furthermore, the town has been spruced up with lots of plants and camels are trotting around on the sandy streets. Don´t try and feed them though, they´ve got the bad habit of spitting at strangers. ;D


  • Re-arranged town of Lut Gholein


Creator: Caela
Size: 2848 KB